Ted Tripp's Opinion on Ezzo Program

Shepherding a Child's Heart author Tedd Tripp writes:

"Shepherding a Child's Heart is a book about talking to the heart of your child. The things your child says and does flow from the heart. See Prov 4:23 and Luke 6:45."

"I think the big difference between Shepherding a Child's Heart and the Ezzo's material is that they are much more concerned with controlling and constraining behavior, whereas I am far more concerned with the heart issues that push and pull behavior. Prov 4:23."

Double Messages

  • To Feed
  • Or Not
"But Ezzo says to feed a hungry baby": Yes, but this is trumped by warnings about the baby's metabolism if feedings aren't spaced properly. I remember being worried that my baby's metabolism and everything else would be screwed up when I fed her early. How sad to RELUCTANTLY feed your baby, because you're scared that the feeding will damage her!

--former user

[Babywise] does say to feed them if you really think they are hungry but twists it in a way to say that if you think they are hungry before 2.5 hours you are probably wrong, and if you are wrong and feed them anyway, you are failing.

--former user