Commentary on the new Grace Statement about GFI

It is perhaps worthwhile to point out that until Grace makes it clear that their earlier statement was in error (which they haven't), they still are willing to fully stand behind it. If they felt that they were in error in any substantial way, they would have made it quite clear in their revision.

In fact, in Phil's comments, he writes about issues of character:

"we are praying that the time will come when it might be possible to say that all those concerns have been fully resolved"

which makes it quite clear that there has been no resolution of the character issues raised by Grace in October, including:

  • Ezzo's "repeated tendency to avoid accountability" with the Elders and Pastoral staff at Grace
  • Ezzo's willingness to make "exaggerated and even false accusations against his critics"

As Ezzo built his credibility on Grace's reputation, the fact that they've issued a I Tim 5 public rebuke of him at all should cause one to pause before simply chalking this one up to a simple disagreement between believers.

Double Messages

  • To Feed
  • Or Not
"But Ezzo says to feed a hungry baby": Yes, but this is trumped by warnings about the baby's metabolism if feedings aren't spaced properly. I remember being worried that my baby's metabolism and everything else would be screwed up when I fed her early. How sad to RELUCTANTLY feed your baby, because you're scared that the feeding will damage her!

--former user

[Babywise] does say to feed them if you really think they are hungry but twists it in a way to say that if you think they are hungry before 2.5 hours you are probably wrong, and if you are wrong and feed them anyway, you are failing.

--former user