Nourishing and Nurturing

I am a first time mom. My son is now 6 months old. Before he was born, I was referred to the Babywise books by Ezzo. I thought, "Wow, what a practical and perfectly logical way to manage feedings." So, I tried it.

When my baby was 2 weeks old, I began the Babywise recommended feeding routine. It seemed to be working great. He was really rarely fussy. He was just a happy baby.

But at around 3 months of age he was beginning to get a little fussier. I was at one of my chiropractic appointments and my son was being unusually fussy -- no-- he was screaming and would neither eat nor sleep.

When the staff doctor walked in to see if she could help, she said to me, "I bet your breasts are hurting pretty bad from all the crying, since he won't eat!"

That's when I realized it. My milk no longer let down in response to his cries.

From that moment on, I began demand feeding him. Whenever he was hungry he ate. It was difficult at first because my milk supply was low in comparison to his true needs. It had been "regulated" to the routine of before.

It took about two weeks of impatient nursing sessions and engorged breasts due to increased nursing, to finally feel like the situation was under control. My breasts quit being engorged, my let down response returned, my milk supply increased, and he was happy and content, no more fussing.

I realized that breastfeeding your infant is about nurturing them just as much as it is about nourishing them.

I now practice demand feeding. He is 6 months old and still exclusively breastfed. I have tried to introduce a few solids, but he is not ready. I am not worried. I am more than ready to extend exclusive breastfeeding until he is ready. I plan to nurse till he is about 2 years old.

I would definitely warn moms who are truly wanting to breastfeed to think twice before putting into action the Babywise recommended feeding routine. Listen to your instincts and nurse your baby when he needs you.

by L.A.D.