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Ok, you BW experts out there! You'd think by #4, I would have this thing figured out. I have learned however, that every kid has his own internal clock! This one has me stumped. I have never not had a baby completely sleeping through the night (8-10 hours) by 10 weeks. This one is 10 weeks now though and has no interest! He is on the perfect daytime 3-hr schedule, eats, plays, naps beautifully, goes to bed at night easily.....then the trouble begins. He seems to be a restless sleeper. He wakes up randomly in the night screaming like he is starving. I don't feed him unless it has been a few hours (sometimes this will happens just an hour or two after he goes down, and I know he isn't hungry). We have started feeding him only 2 ounces in hopes of encouraging him to sleep though the night without a full tummy. After a feeding, he USUALLY sleeps the rest of the night. However, the puzzling thing, he is totally random. His first feeding of the day is at 6 am, last feeding of the day is at 9pm. One night he will wake at 11:30, another at 4:30. One night, he might wake and cry 3 or 4 times throughout the night, another only once, around 3 (or whatever) to eat, then back to sleep. We are baffled! We do swaddle, he is a good sleeper when swaddled and has no trouble going to sleep (though he may cry a bit before drifting). We just can't figure this out!

Any suggetios, ideas, or similiar experiences? One other note....he was born a month early with a low birthweight from IUGR. He is around 11 pounds now, though, so that shouldn't be an issue now.


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I used it too with all 3 of my kids. It worked great....

Anyway, if they began to fuss before the 3 hrs was up, I would try holding , changing positions and playing and anything else I could think of. If nothing worked, I would give a bottle and start the 3 hr scheudle all over. So if she ate at 9 a.m. and then needed to eat at 11 a.m., I would just count my 3 hrs from 11, instead of 12.