Items from the AAP News

The following is a synopsis with links to articles written up at the time:

In April and May of 1998, two articles appeared in the AAP News. According to Babywise advice linked to dehydration, failure to thrive by Dr. Matt Aney, Babywise contains many unsubstantiated medical statements, offers questionable medical advice and even disagrees with the official AAP Policy Statement on Breastfeeding. (Please also see the Media Alert by the AAP.).

Dr. Robert Bucknam, co-author of Babywise wrote a response to the April piece by Aney. We have asked the AAP for web reprint permission so that we can present Bucknam's position adequately. Dr. Aney has also asked the AAP for such permission. They have indicated that Bucknam needs to approve of such before they can grant us this right. So, Aney has asked Bucknam for such permission. If it is granted, we will present Bucknam's response alongside Aney's article. (Until then we can only quote from it.)

I have a few comments on the statistics in Bucknam's statement. You can also read Aney's letter to the editor of the AAP News about Bucknam's comments and some excellent comments made by Jan Barger, RN, MA, IBCLC on Bucknam's response.

August 2004--Ezzo has recently (on his website FAQ and elsewhere) been referring to "a published report" in the AAP News in 1998 and to studies published by the AAP News in 1998. He is actually referring to Babywise co-author Dr. Robert Bucknam's May 1998 response piece described above and not to any independent, peer-reviewed published study.